Book & DVD Beginner's Tool Kit

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Includes the Story Journey book, the How to Learn and Tell a Biblical Story DVD, and the Journal of Biblical Storytelling book.
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Story Journey book

By Dr. Thomas Boomershine

Founder of the Network of Biblical Storytellers. This is the book that started it all, and explains what biblical storytelling is and how to go about learning a biblical story alone, how to learn with a friend, and how to listen to a story.

How to Learn and Tell a Biblical Story DVD

by NBS Productions

Everything you need to know on how to tell a story well, also the most effective ways to learn the story. One-hour length videotape with instructions, interspersed with images and music to help you learn. Nationally known biblical storyteller, Dennis Dewey, reveals his secrets of mesmerizing the audience, also New Testament professor, Tom Boomershine and a local church pastor Amelia Cooper give practical advice on learning the story with a partner and in a group and much, much more!

Journal of Biblical Storytelling book

A special NBS publication

Filled with articles and tips for storytellers.

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