Performance and Teaching

The purpose of the NBSI Academy for Biblical Storytelling, frequently referred to as “ABS,” is to provide a process of support and training in both the performance and teaching of biblical stories that encourages individual styles as well as an appreciation for the stories in the form they’ve been “traditioned” to us.

In helping students to achieve a significant degree of skill and experience in these two areas, the ultimate goal is to send qualified participants out into the world to function as certified biblical storytellers and, consequently, commended resource persons able to offer services on behalf of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International in a way that aids the Network in fulfilling its mission: to encourage EVERYONE to learn and tell biblical stories.


Dr. Tracy Radosevic, ABS Dean

The Academy is overseen by a dean (who also serves as a mentor), Dr. Tracy Radosevic, and supplemented by a team of mentors from within the NBSI community—those who have undertaken advanced degrees, evidenced a depth of knowledge from training and independent study, demonstrated significant experience in teaching and leading workshops, distinguished themselves as performers, and shown themselves to have attained a level of spiritual awareness through the discipline of biblical storytelling.

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The word “Academy” was chosen intentionally; this program is rigorous, requiring the reading of a variety of books, the writing of several papers, and a multitude of recorded performances (including one 90-minute workshop). ABS is a “school without walls,” meaning that the majority of the work is done from home with most assignments sent via email or uploaded to a Google Drive account. Several online teleconferencing sessions via Zoom—both for instruction and ongoing community building—are also periodically scheduled throughout the year. Two face-to-face meetings are also required: the summer Festival Gathering of NBS (as well as the immediate 2.5 days afterwards), and a late-fall, two-night meeting, the location of which is determined by the geographic location of that year’s students. This structure works best with students who are self-motivated, disciplined, committed and open to constructive criticism.

Levels of Certification

The Academy offers two levels of certification: a one-year (January to December of even-numbered years) program culminating with the granting of a Biblical Storytelling Certificate (BSC), and an optional second-year program (January to December of odd-numbered years) concluding with a Master of Biblical Storytelling Certificate (MBSC). Candidates in each program commit to a process of reading, course work, coaching, reflection, repertoire development, and training in pedagogy. 

Biblical Storytelling Certificate (BSC) Requirements
Master of Biblical Storytelling Certificate (MBSC) Requirements