STEP ONE | Video Application

Please videotape yourself, in under 5 minutes, telling of your interest in the Academy for Biblical Storytelling certification program. Include what you hope to get from the experience, what you hope to contribute, what opportunities for ministry you envision as a result of undertaking this certification, and how your involvement might help the Network of Biblical Storytellers fulfill its mission: To encourage everyone to learn and tell biblical stories.

NOTE: The popularity of the Academy has reached a point where it’s very likely our “limited availability reality” will be reached this year and some good applicants will have to be turned away. So, if it is imperative for you to participate this year rather than a later year, please include your reasons in this video. (And if your schedule is flexible enough that it would be possible for you to undertake the Academy in a future year, please indicate that as well. All viable candidates not accepted this year will be given priority status for the next class.)

Once you have recorded this video, you need to upload it to a Google Drive account (click here to learn how and create an account) and then include the URL for this Google Drive shared file on your online application.

STEP TWO | Download and Complete Written Application

Download the ABS written application form below and complete it. You will also link this file to your online application below.

STEP THREE | Pay your non-refundable application fee of $100

STEP FOUR | Apply to the BSC ABS program with the online application form

Upon completion of the BSC the option will be made available, to those who exhibit exceptional skill in teaching and telling as well as a healthy repertoire of stories, to go on for an additional year of study through the ABS for a Master of Biblical Storytelling Certificate. This opportunity is by invitation and may be extended to BSC graduates after they’ve had a few years to get more experience and build up their repertoires.