Current, up-to-date membership in the Network of Biblical Storytellers, International.

Previous Festival Gathering Attendance

Google Drive account and a video application file stating why you want to participate in the program. (You will provide the url link to the shared file on your application! Please be prepared before applying!)

One-year course of study consisting of assigned readings, written reflection (in areas such as biblical studies, theology, performance theory & practice, digital communications, etc.)

Attendance at, and full participation in, two consecutive Festival Gatherings (the year of your course of study and the following year for graduation) the first of which includes an intensive 2.5-day post-Festival Gathering Academy meeting.

Maintaining accountability to a mentor over the course of study.              

Demonstrated mastery of storytelling and teaching skills through a coaching/critiquing process that involves videotaped sessions sent to a mentor for evaluation. **

Building of a storytelling repertoire.

General biblical knowledge, as demonstrated by a written exam, design, presentation, and recording of a story-learning workshop, including evaluations from workshop participants.

Design, presentation, and recording of participation in two additional storytelling events at times other than the Festival Gathering.

Attendance at, and full participation in, a 3-day year-end meeting.

An oral evaluation/discussion with a panel including the dean.

** You will need access to a video recorder (as well as someone who knows how to use it, including how to upload video material to the Web).