1. Review the REVISED Saturday schedule with new workshop zoom links, by clicking HERE. (updated 8/6/2021, 0930pm EDT)

2. Access the Virtual Festival Gathering handouts on the NBSI by clicking HERE.

3. Watch the recording of the Virtual Festival Gathering Keynote Part 1. We premiered Part 1 of the keynote on July 29 as a part of the Pre-Festival Events program.  You can find the video HERE.

4. Your voice matters! Complete the Virtual Festival Gathering and FG Workshop surveys so we can improve future Festival Gatherings.

5. FG Expo Hall – Don’t forget to visit the expo hall at your convenience. Check out the schedule below if you’re interested in speaking with one of the booth representatives.

Expo schedule for live discussionsFri, Aug 6Sat, Aug 7
Academy for Biblical Storytelling
Tracy Radosevic, Dean
2:30 – 3:00 pm
4:35 – 4:55pm
NBSI Seminar
Phil Ruge-Jones, Covener
2:05 pm
Go Tell Communications
Tom Boomershine, President
Amelia Boomershine, Director
4:10 pm
5:30 pm
12 – 12:30 pm
2:15 – 2:45 pm
Online Biblical Storytelling Library
Michelle Razoli, Coordinator
4:10 – 4:30pm2:15 – 2:45pm
The Biblical Storytelling Magazine
Donna Marie Todd, Editor


What is included in the cost of my registration? You have access to attend all the Festival Gathering plenary sessions and workshops.  Additionally, you will receive a link to the playback recordings for the VFG plenary sessions and selected workshops.

What are the plenary sessions? Worship, Keynotes, Epic Telling w/ talkback, and Featured Teller performances.

Will playback recordings be available after the event? The recordings of the plenary sessions and selected workshops will be available post-festival gathering.  All registered attendees will receive an email with instructions for accessing the speaker presentations after the event by August 30.

How do I provide feedback on the Festival Gathering? Your voice matters! Complete the Virtual Festival Gathering and FG Workshop surveys so we can improve future Festival Gatherings.

The Virtual Festival Gathering will be hosted on both Zoom and Hopin. To ensure your event experience is a positive one, please follow the steps below simple steps.

How to Access Hopin
Step 1: Go to www.Hopin.com
Step 2: Create User Account 48 hours in advance of the event on Hopin 

How to Access Zoom
Step 1: If you’re new to Zoom, click here “zoom.us” to download  Zoom to your device or computer. 
Step 2: Click the unique event link on the event agenda to join on the day of the event.

Which browsers work best for Hopin?
The latest versions of Chrome or Firefox guarantee the best experience. Please avoid Brave, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Edge since these browsers lack the modern web technologies support necessary for online events to run in a web browser. Mobile browsers: Safari on iOS and Google Chrome on Android.

How do I get around at the event that is hosted on Hopin?
Similar to a physical event, the online event experience is self-directed but with wayfinding tools and signs to help people easily get around. Attendees ultimately choose where they want to go.  Check out the Event Schedule. A Schedule shows the attendees what’s happening, where they should be, when, and who’s speaking. 

What is Networking in Hopin, and how does it work? 
The Networking area in Hopin is the place for automated one-on-one meetings and is Hopin’s way of facilitating connection discovery at an event. When you click the Ready button in the networking segment, the system automatically pairs you up with someone else who has also clicked the Ready button. This match is paired randomly. If both parties are available, the two are matched instantly, and the video chat begins and lasts for a preset amount of time. You also can’t network with the same person twice!

How do I access Workshops in Zoom? For ease of use and expanded functionality, we will be offering all workshops on the Zoom platform. You will be able to find each workshop’s unique zoom link within the Hopin Event platform.

Can I join the event on my mobile device?
The events that run on Hopin or Zoom platform also can be accessed via mobile device. In Hopin, you can view the Stage, view Sessions, view Expo, chat, and use the Networking features of your event on a mobile device. 
Mobile browsers supported: Android, Google Chrome, Firefox, iOS, iPadOS (Apple), and Google Chrome.

Who do I contact for technical support or questions? If you have technical trouble or have any questions before or during the festival gathering, our event management team is here to help. Just send them a message to Tech Support in the Hopin Stage chat, call them on 800-961-0776 or email them at tech@plannercollectiveco.com.