To register for the Festival Gathering, you simply:

  1. Fill out the registration form below
  2. Purchase Membership (optional, but offers you an admirable discount!)
  3. Purchase Registration
  4. On-site Conference Lodging Reservation

All of the steps listed above can be completed by scrolling down on this page.

1. Registration Form

By registering for a class or workshop, participants (and their guardians) grant the Network of Biblical Storytellers, Int. the right to use their photographic images taken on site for purposes including, but not limited to, private or public presentations, advertising, publicity, and promotion related there to.

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2. Confirm, Renew, or Buy Membership.

3. Purchase Registration

4. On-Site Conference Lodging

Don’t forget!

The next step to your Festival Gathering registration involves reserving your hotel room at the Marriott at the University of Dayton.

Follow this link to access the special group rate of $122/night. 
The special rate is offered between July 26 and August 8.

The last day you can request this discounted rate is July 8.

We strongly encourage you to reserve your room through the more efficient online registration form. By reserving through the online form, you are guaranteed the discounted rate, and can avoid misunderstandings that can occur over phone.

If you must reserve by phone or prefer to reserve your room by phone call, be sure to explicitly state that you are with the Network of Biblical Storytellers for the Festival Gathering. By stating your affiliation, you may access the special group rate of $122/night. Contact the Marriott Hotel at the University of Dayton at 937-223-1000. Be sure to call this particular Marriott, as there are two in the Dayton area. 

Keep in mind, you can save money on your room if you contact the NBS office before June 28 and request to share a room.

Please be aware of our refund policy: Cancellations before June 15: $50 refund fee; June 15-July 15: 50% refund.


Forget something on your registration or need to make a change?  Please email us at or call the NBS Office at 1-800-355-6627. If you encounter any trouble ordering your festival gathering registration online or if you wish to be sent an invoice for check payment, also contact the office.

Thank you.