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A growing global network.

Over the years NBS has increased its international membership base and outreach efforts.

In 2010, Juliana Rowe became the NBS Director of International Relations. Under her leadership, the Network has made numerous trips to spread the word about biblical storytelling.

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One year after an international team of NBS biblical storytellers went to Cameroon to teach biblical storytelling, NBS Cameroon Coordinator Rev. George Minang held the first ever Festival Gathering for Biblical Storytelling in Cameroon! 

“We believe that by telling of the stories of the Bible during our liturgies [instead of reading them,] we can touch the hearts and lives of those who listen in a deeper way.”

Bishop Robert Ellison, Catholic Bishop of the Gambia recalled a gathering of 2,000 when the Network of Biblical Storytellers came from the United States to Gambia for the second time to help them dig deeper into the meaning and the mystery of God’s words.

Bishop Ellison explained that their own network of lectors has also opened up the riches of the word of God both for themselves as well as for their communities.