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Sarah Agnew is a storyteller and poet, and an ordained minister in the Uniting Church in Australia. Currently in Scotland, Sarah is undertaking a PhD in New Testament Language, Literature and Theology at the University of Edinburgh, with an oral performance analysis of the Letter to the Romans, focussing Paul’s community ethics of mutuality in the letter, which is also evident between Phoebe – the letter carrier and deliverer – and Paul. Sarah tells biblical stories, and human stories of her own composition is a published poet (On Wisdom’s Wings, Ginninderra Press, 2013) and liturgist (Seasons of the Spirit), is adjunct faculty with Uniting College / Adelaide College of Divinity, South Australia, and has served on the national advisory board for NBS Australia since 2010. Sarah is delighted to bring story to audiences – as a performer and with workshops in reading and telling the bible aloud, telling our own stories, techniques for speaking in public and composing poetry and prayer. 

Edinburgh, Scotland