Guilds & Regional Networks

A guild or regional network associated with the Network of Biblical Storytellers International is a group of folks in a geographic area who get together to encourage one another in the art of biblical storytelling. Some of the members of a guild will also be members of NBSI; many may not be. Members of a guild usually belong to many different churches and faith traditions; some may belong to none.

Some are primarily performing guilds, in which a smaller group of dedicated biblical storytellers perform stories in churches or storytelling festivals. But most are groups of people who teach newcomers to the art and learn from one another through more or less regular meetings and programs. Many do both performing and teaching and learning. An active guild may have a monthly enews, for example, and some offer scholarships to Festival Gathering for new tellers.

What does “guild” mean?

Guilds are groups of artisans or professionals who join together to encourage and help one another. Nowadays the word is found most often in role-playing games, where wizards or thieves or warriors may belong to a guild! The other place you find it is among groups of storytellers. Maybe the fact that storytelling is a traditional and ancient art connects with the traditional name “guild.” But your group could call itself a “regional network” or any other name that means “group”!

Part of a larger network.

Local networks and guilds consider themselves associated with NBSI when they subscribe to its mission, To encourage everyone to learn and tell biblical stories. NBSI offers services such as this website to guilds and regional networks; guilds may share information and support with NBSI. There is no organic or hierarchical relationship – NBSI is a network, after all!

Scripture by Heart Teams

A Scripture by Heart group or team is a biblical storytelling team within a single congregation. Its members take turns learning and telling the scriptures for worship. Usually a guild or regional network includes members of several congregations, and some of the members of a Scripture by Heart team may be members of the guild as well. All this is an informal network – a way of staying in communication with one another in order to encourage one another to learn and tell biblical stories.

NBS TOGether: The Online Guild

Free and open to everyone!

Typically our monthly meetings last one hour. We share ideas, sometimes coach stories, and encourage one another.

Please pray about whether this would be a blessing to you!

Email Joyce Orr at cindaynbs@gmail.com if you are interested.

NBS TOGether, The Online Guild, is working toward multiplication. We’d love to have one meeting for folks from Chicago to Albania and east Africa, and another group for folks on the Pacific rim and South Asia. To do that we need participants in the Pacific time zones.