(and educational resource projects)

Class of 2007

Joyce Johnson: A Treasure Chest of Biblical Stories w/ props and songs (children)

Carol Wolf: Biblical Storytelling in Youth Ministry (teens, esp. 12 year olds, and leaders)

Class of 2009

Gail Losch: Biblical Storytelling 102: Internalizing the Story (“step 2” DVD for learners)

TJ Parlette: Writing the Word on Our Hearts (“how to” for forming B.S. groups)

Gillian Powis: Not Just for Kids: Biblical Storytelling For, By, and To Seniors (Seniors)

Class of 2011

Ron Coughlin: The Joy and Power of Biblical Storytelling (4 workshops w/DVD)

Jim Cyr: A Biblical Storyteller’s Guide to St. Francis of Assisi (links Francis w/ Jesus)

Debbie Weir: Into the Word (confirmation curriculum based on baptism/water stories)

Class of 2013

Casey Fitzgerald: Faith and Wonder (ongoing online learning and telling program)


Cynthia Maybeck: Biblical Storytelling with the Homeless (curriculum)

Class of 2015

Elizabeth Adkission: Finding God Alive: Reclaiming the Life in the Stories of God                                                 through Communication and Embodiment Skills (booklet)

Paula Martin: 30 Days to Tell: A Story-Learning Guide for Biblical Storytelling (booklet)

Class of 2017

Madelyn Campbell: Guide To Biblical Storytelling For Military Chaplains (book)

Mike Cantley: Parallaxstories (online curriculum following Luke lectionary cycle   that    connects biblical/commentary/parallel stories) http://parallaxstories.com

Wendy Johnston: Once Upon A Story Told (blog to inspire imagination through God’s story)             https://onceuponastorytold.org/author/wendyjjohnston/

Ken Quiring: Old Stories New (podcast exploring life through the world of stories)          https://oldstoriesnew.ca/about-2/