Performance and Teaching

The NBSI Academy for Biblical Storytelling (ABS) provides you with support and training in both the performance and teaching of biblical stories.

ABS encourages you to find your individual style as well as appreciate the stories in the form they’ve been “traditioned” to us.

The ultimate goal is to send you out into the world as a certified biblical storyteller, offering your services on behalf of NBSI, and aiding the Network in fulfilling its mission: to encourage everyone to learn and tell biblical stories.

Why get certified as a biblical storyteller?
  • increased chances of getting hired for freelance work

  • improved preaching and teaching skills

  • deepening of one’s spiritual journey

Hear from past graduates

This rigorous program is for you if you are self-motivated, disciplined, committed, and open to constructive criticism.


  • Participating in online Zoom sessions

  • Reading a variety of books

  • Writing some reflection papers

  • Recording several performances (including a 90-minute workshop and 60-minute concert)

  • Assignments sent online

  • Two in-person meetings: summer (during Festival Gathering) and late fall

More Info

In 2006, NBSI created ABS as a practical and disciplined way to come closer to achieving its mission of encouraging everyone to learn and tell biblical stories.

With a focus on performing, and teaching others how to learn and perform, ABS is a one-year (during even-numbered years) certification program in biblical storytelling, with the option for an additional year (during odd-numbered years) of work, exploration, and praxis that results in a Master Certification in Biblical Storytelling. 

Who we are and what we do

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