The Gospel of John
2024 Epic Telling

Join your voice with those of multiple storytellers in a grand, sequential group performance of selected verses from John's Gospel. It’ll be epic!

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We will notify everyone of the final Epic Telling division assigments shortly after the bidding period. 

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Be part of the experience

The entire book of the bible is told by individuals one after the other as a group performance.
(Please use either the NRSV or the CEB as your base translation.)


We will notify everyone of the final Epic Telling division assignments
shortly after the bidding period.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

Anyone who is registered for the Festival Gathering is welcome to bid on the texts. So make sure you register before placing your bid!

Please give your top 3 choices, as many people often want the same texts.

Storytellers are chosen by a first-come, first-served bidding process.

Absolutely! If you receive a winning bid, please learn your part well and practice, practice, practice!

The Epic should be a seamless performance that moves in a timely fashion.

Check out the Introduction to Biblical Storytelling video on our YouTube Channel.

Yes, Epic Tellers are required to attend a brief rehearsal at the Festival Gathering on Thursday afternoon.

The Epic Telling is open to the public. We encourage you to invite your guests to the Epic Telling performance.

It varies from year to year but the number is likely to be 100-150.